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Bar Mitzvah

At Or Chadash we offer the classical Bar Mitzvah Training (which at Or Chadash includes learning the Parasha and Davening with a teacher chosen for you,), as well as an intimate setting in which to be the star of the Bar Mitzvah day.

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 Use this form to express interest in a Bar Mitzvah at OC, and we will be in touch!

At Or Chadash, all Bnei Mitzvah are expected to to deliver a Dvar Torah, and will work with Rabbi Alon Meltzer to prepare accordingly.
Or Chadash charges a small administration fee to host your Bnei Mitzvah. This allows our community to cover costs of administration, security, logistics, venue cleaning fees, and Rabbi Meltzer's time. This fee does not cover any additional costs (e.g. kiddush, food etc).

It is the a requirement that all Bnei Mitzvah families are members of the community. Please see here for all information


Thu, 30 November 2023 17 Kislev 5784