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Being part of the Or Chadash family gives you the opportunity to help set the tone of our community. In addition to all member rights in accordance with the rules of the community, membership brings you the following benefits:

  • discounted access to adult education programs (including free Yom Tov workshops);
  • discounted access to our Bat Mitzvah Matan program;
  • discounted access to our events and meals;
  • inclusion in our wide array of social and community building programs over the course of the year; and
  • free High Holy Day seating.

Please take a moment to fill in our form - Membership Applications received before 1 September 2018 will only be billed for the Membership Year of 5779.

Membership costs are:

  • $750 per family (up to two adults and all dependent children);
  • $375 per adult;
  • $300 for under-30s;
  • $200 for students/pensioners.



Adult #1

e.g. Name (ben/bat) father and mother's name

Adult #2

e.g. Name (ben/bat) father and mother's name


Sun, 27 May 2018 13 Sivan 5778