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Shabbat and Regular Services

Shabbat morning: 9:15am followed by delicious Kiddush.

On Shabbat Mevorchim we have a sit down Kiddush with a shiur.

We do not have weekday services. However, if you would like to daven with the community for a yahrzeit or occasion, we will happily organise and ensure a minyan.

Yom Tov Services

Yom Tov services are held in the mornings, and certain evenings. Evening times change depending on time of year; mornings are generally at 9:15am.

Services are followed by a kiddush either at the shul, or at people's homes on Sukkot.

On Pesach, Sukkot and Shavuot and Tisha B'Av evening, megillah is read by both men and women - this is in accordance with a number of authorities and is based on the fact that these megillot are not obligatory and are not a positive time-bound mitzvah. These moments of communal tefilah are highlights of our Or Chadash services.

High Holy Day Services

Service times and details are updated here one month before Rosh Hashanah.

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